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We desire the sky without air pollution.

Clean air and pure water are important elements for human beings to seek the high quality of life.

But, in these days, we are faced with a problem of the environmental pollutions which are getting worse.

Fortunately, in order to preserve the environment from pollution, various pollution control facilities are being developed and being improved.

According to the basic principle of the environment preservation that the environmental facilities should be the most safe and maintained productively, Kunwootech has been taking the lead in preserving environment by striving to develop and establish the research system on air pollution control facility such as the wastewater disposal facility, the waste incineration facility and the noise vibration facility.

Our expert knowledge and know-how of the environmental technologies are able to analyze the origin of pollution accurately, and it will help you to find a optimal solution of pollution problem. In particular, we have adopted the latest technologies, succeeded in developing electrostatic precipitators for dealing with D.O.P Smoke. Also we produce high efficiency pollution control facility by ourselves and directly supply to the customers.

The Kunwootech will continuously endeavor to develop the new technology for preserving environment and making over clean world to our descendants.

Thank you.





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